Aspects of meaning

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Aspect definition is - a particular status or phase in which something appears or may be regarded. To be clear, this review was looking at aspects of narcissism as a personality trait, not narcissistic personality disorder.


First Known Use of aspect. 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 2a. History and Etymology for aspect. aspect [as´pekt] 1. that part of a surface viewed from a particular direction. 2. the look or appearance. anterior aspect that surface of the human body or a body part viewed from the front.

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Called also ventral aspect. dorsal aspect posterior aspect. posterior aspect that surface of the human body or a body part viewed from the back. Called also dorsal. Freebase ( / 0 votes) Rate this definition. Aspect. Aspect Co. Ltd is a Japanese based video game company which was founded in March Aspect has developed for the Sega Master System, Game Gear, Pico, Genesis, Saturn, Super NES, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and WonderSwan Color.

Meaning "the look one wears, the appearance of things" attested by early 15c. Show More. Example Sentences for aspect. The first aspect of Rotterdam is strongly in favour of the people. Hawarden is called a Castle, but it has not, either in its exterior or interior, the aspect of a Castle.

Define aspect. aspect synonyms, aspect pronunciation, aspect translation, English dictionary definition of aspect. n. 1. a. A way in which something can be viewed by the mind: looked at all aspects of the situation.

b. A characteristic or feature of something: a novel Aspect -. Aspect means a part or feature of something. If you are going to vote for a candidate, you should first learn about the various aspects of her political agenda.


At the heart of the word aspect is the Latin specere "look" (think spec tacles).

Aspects of meaning
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