B2b matchmaking tool

B2B Matchmaking

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"Making new contacts with suppliers in the Italian region." "What I particularly treasure about Techpilot, is the accessibility and quick reaction time of the staff over the phone or by email, when help is needed. An efficient B2B matchmaking tool should be simple, easy to use, and user-friendly.

It should also support planners when it comes to attendee registration, communication. The World Class Digital Communications & Customer Experience in Frankfurt is the leading event for innovative companies to come together and showcase their latest projects and best practices for digital collaboration, crisis communications, digital customer customer experience, social customer service and engagement, and much more.

Using a powerful B2B matchmaking tool means having full control over the interaction between your guests. An efficient B2B matchmaking platform lets you create the perfect networking experience for your attendees from scratch.

TechBBQ is a two-day international tech-startup summit by and for the startup community. Every year a dedicated team and hundreds of volunteers work tirelessly to create an amazing event where we can link entrepreneurs with the world, providing startup ecosystems with cutting edge insights, business opportunities and network.

B2b matchmaking tool
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