Citizenship controlled assessment

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Citizenship Controlled Assessment Essay

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These are the templates that I used as examples for controlled assessments for the Citizenship studies (AQA). The vast majority I have written myself with some help from the past work of students.

I have tried to highlight the important points to mention and to show how it should look like. Check if a qualification is regulated and what level it is on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

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Citizenship Studies A CA Unit A Rights and Responsibilities - Getting Started as an Active Citizen Specimen Controlled Assessment Material INSTRUCTIONS TO TEACHERS • Please refer to Section 5 of the Citizenship Studies specification for instructions on completing controlled assessment tasks.

What is the Nationality Document Checking Service (NCS)?. The Nationality Checking Service is provided by some councils. We can accept and forward your application for British citizenship to the Home Office.

Citizenship controlled assessment
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