Feminist christology

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Feminist Christology

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Jacquelyn Grant

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This is commonly called Feminist Christology. There are many types of feminist Christology that can be divided into two categories. The revolutionary school of thought is produced by women who, upon examining the Christian tradition, find it so male-dominated. Abstract: This dissertation analyzes the person and work of Christ in feminist theology, with particular attention to feminist critiques of traditional Christology.

Chapter 1 is a brief introduction of the dissertation's thesis and the methodological commitments from which the dissertation proceeds. The Feminist Theology of Elizabeth Johnson Presented by: Samantha Crandall Begin at Reformist Feminist Theology "Quest for the Living God" Sophia and the Trinity Literary Contributions Current Works "She Who Is: The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse".

Added to this is the fact that feminist Christology is not restricted by its white, middle class background and thus now embraces a diversity rarely found in patriarchal Christology. Feminist Christology functions to answer this question with particular reference to women.

Feminist theologians, holding that “experience is the crucible for doing theology”(62) would argue that women’s experience is the crucible for doing feminist Christology. FEMINIST THEOLOGY—CHRIST AND GOD American and European white feminists but also in Jacquelyn Grant's womanist Christology,9 in Nelly Ritchie's reading of the Gospels from the perspective of Latin American women and Maria Pilar Aquino's.

Feminist christology
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Feminist Christology: The Problem Stated