Music demos and songwriter services

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Live Music

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Friday, June 22, p.m. on the Acoustic Stage. In two decades on the road Jeffrey Foucault has become one of the most distinctive voices in American music, refining a sound instantly recognizable for its simplicity and emotional power, a decidedly Midwestern amalgam of.

How to submit songs to McClure & Trowbridge Publishing, Nashville TN. Complete this form to obtain your Control Number for submitting.

Do not email links or sound files.

Do You Want to Get Further in The Music Industry!

Whether you’re contacting music blogs, radio, promoters, or record labels, you have to check THEIR SPECIFIC submission guidelines before getting in touch.

The Songwriting Team, Inc. was founded in Los Angeles (in ) with one main goal in mind The help people like you have access to the world’s top talent no matter where you .

Music demos and songwriter services
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