Pestle analysis of lego group

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´╗┐Strategic Analysis of the LEGO Group Crisis Abstract LEGO Group is a worldwide, well-known toy manufacturing company. Inthe company was faced with a major financial crisis and a major decision to make.

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LEGO PESTEL, Five Forces & Strategic Groups A...

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Transcript of LEGO: PESTEL analysis.

Lego Pestle Analysis

PESTEL ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGICAL CONCLUSION ECONOMIC POLITICAL SOCIAL Group 22 Patents and copyrighting Social and Economical factors rated as most important and detrimental to LEGO / why?

Summary of PESTLE What this means for management at LEGO. The latest product line of LEGO group is LEGO Ninjago. It is a combination of classic toys and so-called spinners were established at the beginning ofbeyond expectation s and become the biggest product in company history.

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Pestle analysis of lego group
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