Thesis add_theme_support

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How to Clean Up WordPress Header

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Here are 30 secondly-used examples. Wordpress + Thesis Theme => WPTouch Post Thumbnails don't work? up vote 0 down vote favorite Has anyone managed to get this combination to work and display post thumbnails on the mobile site?

Thesis writing is one of the most important and challenging tasks you will encounter as a graduate student, and the thesis defense is the culmination of that process.

Defending Your Thesis -. Part 1 was about Thesis and you can read it here. Part 2 was about Genesis and you can read it here.

Any bells and whistles you want have to be manually included with add_theme_support calls (and there are only some bare essentials yet put your theme on steroids). If you need a solid, well organized base to build your own theme. The Customizr Pro theme has been designed to increase your traffic and engage your visitors.

You can easily create the professional-looking and mobile-first websites that your visitor are expecting, with our conversion oriented features. The Site Logo feature allows you to add a logo to your Jetpack-powered site, and have it persist between theme switches. Any theme that supports it will display the logo in its own unique way, consistent with that theme's design.

Learn how to create a custom color palette in your Gutenberg theme. This will override the default color palette, and only present the colors you decide.

Great for theme authors & custom theme developers who don't want clients going rogue with random colors.

Thesis add_theme_support
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