Thesis at stanford

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Undergraduate Research. The following are research opportunities for Stanford undergraduates. The department does not offer any research opportunities for undergraduates who are not Stanford students.

SURIM ~ Honors Thesis SURIM.

Stanford Computer Science Phd Thesis

SURIM, the Stanford Undergraduate Research Institute in Mathematics, is a ten-week program that provides Stanford. Go to the e-dissertation/thesis center in Axess (see the Registrar’s website for instructions).

Select your final reader. They will need to log in to Axess and approve your dissertation before the deadline once you’ve uploaded your dissertation. Theses and dissertations Result includes all theses and dissertations — from all sources — held in the Stanford Libraries and Digital Repository.

To show Stanford work only, refine by Stanford student work or by Stanford school or department.

Master of Science Degree in Health Policy

master’s thesis - Stanford University. Submitting Your Honors Thesis: A final copy of the paper must be submitted to the thesis advisor for review and grading and an electronic copy uploaded to the Stanford Digital Repository by the end of the eighth week of Spring Quarter of the student’s senior year.

The department copy becomes part of a permanent record held by the department.

Thesis at stanford
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