Timeline of south sudan

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South Sudan Timeline

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Sudan profile - Timeline

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This responses the 3rd civil war which still holds bloodshed until now. SPLM/A, or Sudan People's Liberty Movement/Army, is created in which is actually the rebel movement in southern Sudan in the 2nd civil war.

Estimating with soldiers, they caused bloodshed for one goal: fairness and equility between southern and northern Sudan. The Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) rebels agree ceasefire in the South. In Darfur, as the army moves against the insurgency, hundreds of thousands of refugees flee into Chad.

to the Conflict in South Sudan This timeline provides a chronological list of important responses and actions from international actors to the in South Sudan since violence began on 15 December - Civil war led by the southern separatist Anya Nya movement begins with north. - Group of socialist and communist Sudanese military officers led by Col Jaafar Muhammad Numeiri seizes.

December - Leaders of North and South reach deal on terms of referendum on independence due in South by Darfur deal Feb-March - The Justice and Equality Movement (Jem) main Darfur rebel movement signs a peace accord with the government, prompting President Bashir to declare the Darfur war over.

A second Sudanese civil war soon developed and ended with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of Later that year, the Autonomous Government of Southern Sudan was formed.

South Sudan became an independent state on 9 July at midnight local time,[13][14] after a .

Timeline of south sudan
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